Arbol Negro is an as3 multipurpose code to use in simple and bigger projects, where common tasks become repetitive.

The general purpose of this project is to raise the level of skills, removing some repetitive work, sometimes removing simple steps, but too a big amount of repetitive steps and putting all into a single class.

Try the code, you can comment, if you consider that something is missing you can tell me, report error or bugs, you can do it here, or at the google project main page.

Go to Arbol Negro at Google Code


Sebastián Sanabria Díaz



Sprite handling

Dynamic Sprite resizing maintaining its ratio.

Data handling

  • xml handling

Load a XML without trouble

  • FlashVars

Only one function to load one Flash Var at the time

Array handling

Use an array as an endless loop.

Array paging

Select a number of pages or a number of items per page.

Content management

Load classes inside a SWF, or load a Font to apply to a TextField.

Work with audio and images.

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